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>Gay Outlawz

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>The second in a series of posts about Gay Outlaws because I’m bored with all these safe lameasses.

Bill Miner is sort of insane, and just like our last outlaw Roger Casement, was well-moustached. Just like Jean Genet, he’s one of those dudes who will just not stop robbing people. Like on the way to the courthouse to answer charges he’ll rob you. Dude is crazy. And he liked boys, according to the Pinkerton Guards who spent like a million dollars investigating him. And like any good gay, he had a way with words, inventing the now-necessary robbery phrase “Hands Up!” when shoving a gun in peoples faces. I like Miner because he knew how to make that money. He had a few really gay nicknames, too. “The Grey Fox” was one, and “The Gentleman Robber” is another. Supposedly he was really polite when robbing people of their shit.

Written by alexgfrank

January 27, 2010 at 2:40 pm