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>More Wholesome American Stories

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>Clegg and Beebe were an old, handsome gay couple who met in 1940 and began a decades long romantic relationship and professional partnership that included maintaining a private rail car for their extensive travels, reviving and maintaining a 19th-century newspaper that had employed Mark Twain, and writing about and photographing their numerous travels around the world. True American bon vivants, and apparently, entirely co-dependent. After Beebe died of a heart attack in 1966, Clegg waited thirteen years and then ritually and symbolically committed suicide in 1979, on the day that he reached the precise age at which Beebe had died. Little is known about Clegg’s thirteen sad years without the love of his life, but one has to wonder how he mustered the courage to put off his own suicide for thirteen solid years and when, exactly, he decided that he would perform the symbolic suicide.

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December 2, 2009 at 6:58 pm