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It happened a while ago, I’m late on things. I’m just interested in it after re-reading Kelefa Sannah’s article about gospel singer Tonéx coming out of the closet. Tonéx has not abandoned gospel music in the face of criticism.

The money line from Sannah’s piece:

In Bishop Yvette Flunder’s view, gospel music is gay music, with vanishingly few exceptions; she estimates that the proportion of gospel performers who are, or have been, same-gender-loving might be as high as ninety per cent. Gospel music has offered generations of same-gender-loving singers a place to call home, in exchange for their obedience, or their silence.

And what’s interesting here is Sannah placing the genesis of the gospel genre in the hands of gay people. He’s not the first to do so, but arguing that any genre’s birthright is gay is fairly radical, and it’s also extra interesting for a genre that others dismiss merely as moral music. Because gospel is, as everyone is fairly aware, the father (mother? gay uncle?) of rock and roll, and so on and so on.

Written by alexgfrank

August 4, 2010 at 8:08 pm