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From this blog called AFROFUTURETRENDS:

As she experiences her second Saturn return, at the edge of 59, singer Stevie Nicks has launched her retrospective Crystal Visions tour. I saw her last night at the Greek Theater in L.A., where she performed—along with opening act Chris Isaac—to an enthusiastic, multi-generational, sold-out crowd.

The second Saturn return–when Saturn completes its second complete transit around the horoscope–causes one to look back and assess life. Where have I been? How did I get here? How did I become the person I am today? The past becomes invested with more than just memories. It is a place where we have arced through time on the soul’s journey to now. There is a sense of wanting to feel complete and whole. Looking back at one’s life is part of the process of seeking wholeness.

Stevie Nicks spoke several times of her own past, her cycle of becoming, and she announced from the outset of the concert that it was intended to be a culmination of her work as a musical artist. Large screen projections throughout the concert showed drawings from her journals, symbolic art (with lots of wings, as befits a Gemini) and—during “Landslide”—a series of personal photographs which spanned her life from birth to the present. She took great care in introducing her band and backup singers, explaining how each was personally connected to her own life.

For many Baby Boomers in the audience, there was a sense of nostalgia in hearing “Rhiannon” or “Crystal Visions”—they both took me back to my own simpler life in the 1970’s.

But there was also in Stevie Nicks’ concert a strong feeling of security in the present. This was the third time I’d seen her perform—once with Fleetwood Mac and once before as a solo performer. I felt this was by far her strongest performance. She still sings with power, authenticity, and authority. Her Capricorn Moon in the 10th house conjunct the MC has enabled her to work hard, endure in a tough business, and age wonderfully in the public eye (she also has a powerful Venus, which can give a person musical talent as well as physical beauty). Her very public Moon rules her natal 4th house, her roots, and on stage Stevie Nicks unfolds both inner beauty and bewitching darkness. She always ends her concerts by singing, “Beauty and the Beast.”

Her concert was very Neptunian—Piscean-ly artistic. As I wrote in a profile of her in my book, Neptune is in her 6th house and it rules her 12th house. She works (6th house) at projecting those dreams (12th house) on stage and is intensely charismatic. Her trademark gypsy sorceress costume changes–flowing black, gold, and white–helped maintain the illusion of a musical dream.

Stevie Nicks has Aries rising (born 5/26/1948; Phoenix, Arizona; 3:02 AM; source: AFA Bulletin). A pose she frequently adopts on stage when she is not singing is facing the audience with her head down, softly stomping her feet, like a ram.

She explained at one point during the concert that she had never married or had children because music was her life and music is what she had to give. The closest major aspect in her chart is a tight square between Neptune and Venus, which gives her a love of dreaming and a fairy tale quality. This love of idealized beauty may also explain why she has never married or had children. Her music allows her to express her own “crystal vision” of pure beauty without the necessity of having to deal with messy mortal relationships.

Saturn, the ruler of her 10th house of career (and also of her Moon), is in her 5th house of creativity and children. So, in a way, the songs she has created in a 40 year musical career are her children.


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No matter how old the Gemini is, there is somehow the appearance of the adolescent or teenager about him. The youthful sparkle remains in his eyes, there is a buoyancy to his step, and his manner shifts mercurially from quiet introversion to peeling laughter. Gay Gemini will generally be relatively tall, but even when he is not, he will give the impression of height by his erect bearing. His body is strong and well made, though usually slender. He may have long arms and legs, which are usually quite active.

Gemini’s complexion is most often sanguine in nature, but there is invariably a mischievous sparkle in his hazel eyes. His hair normally has a wave to it, though its color may vary from dark to sandy. The pure Gemini will be likely to have very little body hair.

Gay Gemini chooses clothes with a youthful, casual look to them. He is comfortable in jeans or cut-offs, T-shirts or sweatshirts, but he will also follow the latest trends in young men’s apparel, being careful that everything matches perfectly. He tends to wear out shoes very quickly, because of his activity, and if he is financially able, he will change his wardrobe often, growing tired of items before they are out of style.

Similarly, he may change outfits several times a day. If going out for the evening, he may try on everything in his closet before he makes his decision.

If going to a costume party, gay Gemini will strive for originality, and there will usually be something humorous about his choice. He will be likely to look for something that is primitive or childlike in nature-a caveman an infant in diaper, Little Lord Fauntleroy, a 1950s teenager an Indian Or, if deeply aware of his own nature, he might choose something that displays his two sides-a harlequin, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (half and half), or some two-sided character of his own creation.


Gemini is the instinctive charmer of the Zodiac He is usually the life of the party, the center of attention, chattering away, witty and fun-loving. At first glance, he may appear glib, empty-headed, lacking depth, but appearances are deceiving with Gemini.

He has a great capacity for learning, especially in youth. His mind is quick, and he understands ideas and concepts instantly. He also has an instinctive judgment of people and he expresses his opinions and thoughts without hesitation

The Gemini mind is so quick and agile that it may lack concentration; at times it seems impossible to keep it from hopping from one subject to another. If he can hold his interests or activities to two things at one time Gemini can function extremely well, accomplishing both simultaneously. but he is so nervous and high-strung, even this limitation can be difficult for him. He will tend to feel frustrated and then become depressed.

Extreme mood swings are typical of Gemini, for his nature is dual in every way. Like the early spring, he is both sunny days and sudden storms. There are always two seemingly opposing facets to his nature.

Gay Gemini is highly imaginative and creative, especially with words and with anything that can be accomplished manually. Their objective is communication, and they will put great effort into accomplishing it. They make good writers, salesmen, and teachers. When they have the patience, they are excellent craftsmen.

Gemini must always be moving. He hates to stay at home, and, if forced to do so, will probably spend his time rearranging the furniture. He certainly can’t be expected to sit still. He needs to get out and about, even if it is only to wander the neighborhood. He loves to travel, and he enjoys going out, especially out dancing.

If anyone attempts to restrain him or to discipline him, he will rebel. He doesn’t like authority, and will fight it even when he knows the other person is right. If there is a rile set, Gemini will break it deliberately, if only to establish his independence. when he has the security of knowing he is appreciated, however, he makes an excellent student, for he is eager to learn and experience anything new.

In love, Gemini may be an extremely difficult partner. His tendency toward detachment or objectivity-even toward emotional ambivalence or coldness- may seem frustrating to others He may appear fickle, for he is always seeking the new and different, even in relationships. It is almost impossible for him to be held down by a single lover. He has a need for at least two at a time, though another Gemini might supply that need.

The best partner for a Gemini is one who can provide both constant mental stimulation and variety of experience and activities. This may extend to sex, but the physical is of lesser importance to Gemini than the intellectual and emotional.

Even when such a paragon exists, the partnership may not last a lifetime, for lasting relationships border on the impossible for Gemini’s restless nature.

The only other alternative is a partner with endless patience and understanding. Gemini does need a partner, if only to have someone to talk to.


Gay Gemini has the mental capacity to understand his challenge, but he lacks the patience and the will-power to deal with it effectively. These are qualities he must endeavor to acquire. He is aware of the duality of his nature, and his greatest challenge is to unify the two distinctive and disruptive poles, so that he can find the inner peace necessary to give and accept love. He does not like what he does to those he loves, but he cannot help himself so long as he is torn by his own inner conflict.

He needs to be wary of criticizing or blaming others for problems or situations he has caused himself. He must leam to cooperate with others and accept the fact that his physical and mental restlessness creates disruption for those around him.

He is also challenged to avoid a tendency toward superficiality or pretentiousness, which is one way Gemini has of avoiding his own inner conflict. He must seek to understand that those he loves-and those who love him-are not necessarily attempting to control or restrict him.

Written by alexgfrank

June 22, 2010 at 11:35 pm