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>Herbert Huncke is a gay icon, or “homosexual pioneer”, as Wikipedia calls him, and the self-anointed “Mayor of 42nd Street”. I just like him because he’s a real pisser. A thief, a hustler, a writer, and a real faggot, Huncke is an inspiration to us all. Compiled from various sources around the net:

Herbert Edwin Huncke (January 9, 1915 – August 8, 1996) was a sub-culture icon, writer, homosexual pioneer (he participated in Alfred Kinsey’s studies), drug addict, criminal, and participant in various American social movements of the 20th century.

With a dime in his pocket and a map in his hand, Huncke ran away from home at twelve. He rode the Chicago trolleys and streetcars to the end of the line and began hitchhiking. He was introduced to oral sex by a stranger who thrust a $10. bill in his pocket and sped off, falling into hustling without even knowing what it was.

At sixteen, he met a freak show “hermaphrodite” named Elsie John. Huncke worked as her shill for her midway act and delivered pot for her. (seven high-quality joints for a quarter) Elsie was a heroin addict, and while she did not involve Huncke in dealing it, she did offer him the small quantities of heroin which led to his first habit. Huncke last saw her in the South State Street Jail. Years later, she became the subject of Huncke’s first accomplished story.

Huncke died while living in the Chelsea Hotel.

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