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>A Miracle

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>I love this Laura Nyro album Gonna Take A Miracle because its the expression of such beautiful fandom. In this case it is the fandom of a late 60’s songwriter who grew up with these songs all around her, implanted in her ears, and, thankfully, in her vocal tract. How can such pervasive pop music become so private and personal for one person? Part of what makes soul and pop music so lovely, I think, is its near demand that we sing along. I like the jaggedness that goes along with dissonance and outness in so much music, but I can’t get away from the loving call and response of much sweeter melodies. I am no musician, but I sing the hell out of all my favorite songs in the shower, in my room, on my way to work, in my head all day. This mimicry, these personal performances are some of the most joyful parts of my day, everyday; I’d be lost without them. My roommates, even people on the subway, must hear them all the time, but they aren’t for anyone else. Its hard to match the joy of singing the shit out of a song you love.

Laura Nyro is singing for herself on this album, I think. Imagine how lucky this young woman must have felt to have the privilege to record her favorite songs, with Labelle as her back up no less! The arrangements are simple, dreamy, and quiet, each song vanishes at the end into thin air. And the fact that she’s just slightly off-key, a little out of her range on some of these songs, just makes my always-off-key self feel even more included in this great pop sing-along.

Written by alexgfrank

February 5, 2009 at 10:08 pm