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>Heartbeats, yea yea yea

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>I’m currently reading Nathanael West’s Miss Lonelyhearts, one of the cleverest books I’ve ever read. Some of his images and ideas are astoundingly beautiful, its the kind of book I should’ve read RIGHT when I graduated from college; it might have put some perspective on things. The theme of the book themes to be that we, as happiness seeking Americans, won’t let ourselves alone. Miss Lonelyhearts, the unfortunate writer of a newspaper advice column, is supposed to be doling out heaps of American self-help tidbits. All he wants to give the poor saps is misery, religion, and suicide, but his editor won’t let him. So he props up the myth of self-betterment to the downhearted to keep his job, all the while falling deeper into detachment.

“Dont think I am broad shouldered but that is the way I feel about life and me I mean,” says one of Miss Lonelyheart’s letters-to-the-editor, to characterize her distinctly American existential angst. But Miss Lonelyhearts has no respite for the broad load on her back.

Written by alexgfrank

February 25, 2009 at 7:27 pm