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“Part of what makes Britney the perfectest of perfect pop stars is the way she expresses her personality most passionately when she’s turning herself into a machine — surrendering to the beat, disappearing into the thrill of the pop moment, singing like a robot.” – Rob Sheffield

THIS IS 2 IMPORTANT GUYZ. BRITNEY SPEARS IS REALLY A TRAILBLAZER, she’s just so authentic as a cyborg. Wikipedia, one of the most smartest theorists in the game today, summarizes Donna Haraway’s Cydborg theory as an advocacy that “there ought to be no distinction between the so-called real or natural organisms that nature produces and the artificial machines that humans make”. I don’t know if Wikipedia is doing the closest reading possible here, but perhaps a web-site that relies on human interaction to CREATE REALITY would know better than anyone else that OUR DIGITAL CHILDREN are as important as OUR BIOLOGICAL CHILDREN.

Written by alexgfrank

June 1, 2010 at 9:11 pm