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>The King of Pentacles: BEWARE

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The King of Pentacles is the card of worldly success, ultimate fulfilment, material satisfaction, and high ambition. He sits upon a throne decorated with carvings of bulls and vines and his robe is covered with embroidered grapevines rich with fruit. At his feet and all around him are vines, flowers, and plants of all sorts, representing the highest attainment of material success. In his right hand he holds the sceptre of his power and in his left he holds a golden coin, symbolic of his material influence. Behind him is his castle, the symbol of all he has built through his efforts and determination.

BEWARE: The King of Pentacles reversed is a man who will do anything for money. He is impressed by other people’s status and social position, and may be a snob to others while trying to carry the favour of those he considers above him. Reversed, this can be either a workaholic or an extremely lazy man who expects others to look after him financially. He may care only for his possessions, and uses other people to gain them. There is also a possibility of familial abuse, or he may be someone who marries for money, leaving the person only when he has gone through all of their resources.

HELP?: When this King shows up in your reading, look at your life. What are you feeling ‘stuck in a rut’ about? Are you feeling like the Alchemist, or do you feel a need to transform some part of your life into gold? Is this another person, or do you think it’s an aspect of yourself? Be careful not to get stuck in the mud. Having your feet on the ground is a good thing, but everybody needs to lighten up once in awhile and stick their heads in the clouds, even if it’s just for a breath of fresh air.

Written by alexgfrank

September 29, 2010 at 2:51 pm