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>Gay Outlawz

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>The fourth in a series of posts about Gay Outlaws because I’m bored with all these safe lameasses.

Mwanga II is the first gay royalty I’ve had on the blog. He was the Kabaka of Buganda, a kingdom of Uganda, during the nineteenth century. Bitch had sixteen wives but that’s not even what I’m interested in. Turns out he wasn’t so happy when Christian missionaries showed up and tried to steal his shit. But actually, what pissed him off the most was that I guess in Bugandan custom, if the King wants to fuck you, you can’t say no and Mwanga was making passes at all the missionaries, especially this hottie archbishop James Hannington. Because of the Bible, none of the dudes were allowed to sin and get dirty, so he threw those bitches in jail. And then he killed those bitches. THAT’S INSANE. They are considered Christian martyrs for not giving up their heterosexual fortitude.

Written by alexgfrank

February 12, 2010 at 8:59 pm